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Franck Bocquier was born on the Atlantic coast, under an autumnal daylight. He has kept a love for simple things and genuine people, thanks to his childhood and adolescence in contact with Nature. His eyes engraved forever in his memory the natural light of the seaside. That’s the reason why he knew how to take up his future career of photographer with this particular look, learning his job near rue de Picpus, in Paris.

With a diploma in his pocket, as a photographer ire joined the French National Navy at the Ecole Supérieure de Guerre Navale. Then he becomes an editor on a radio station, a photographer in a communication agency, a manager of an art gallery,a photographer for a Member of the French Parliament.

All these experiences have led him to his favourite pictures : the art portrait. He really knows how to play with this feeling of intimacy people get from black & white pictures. Maybe his models fix their eyes on the lens to drag us into their own world. Franck Bocquier privileges the relationship with his model. And that’s why he works alone, without any assistant or hair stylist. He can only take photos of people that have a certain light about them, he says with a smile, people he loves and respects.

Because he can’t conceive not to love the person he immortalizes. He know’s nothing of studios and their artificial light, from which he runs away . Real and authentic feelings, that’s what he chose.

On the seaside, with this particular light he likes, inside Paris with its thousand of scenaries, or in a loft in Sydney : looking for this natural light is the urge of his photographer’s life. But for him, shooting is not the end of it.

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